Tight-lining 101

Also known as “invisible eyeliner.” Tight-lining is simply applying eyeliner to the waterline of your upper lid, right beneath your eyelashes! This is a well known and fantastic trick to darken the base of your eyelashes…all the while, still looking natural. This is a neat technique for those who don’t wear much makeup, want to close the little gaps left behind in your lashes after you’ve applied eyeliner to your top lid, or if you have small eyelid space. Unlike applying eyeliner to your lower waterline, this will not make your eyes look smaller in any way.

You want to be careful when choosing the right eyeliner to use when doing this. Something long lasting (or else you’ll get raccoon eyes by midday), and creamy (so the pencil glides gently on your eyes).

This Estee Lauder eyeliner was part of a gift given to me by my dear friend during Christmas and is the best creamy, non-smudge eyeliner I’ve ever used! I never really have problems with black smudges transferring to my under eye area through out the day when I tight line with this ! It is also extremely pigmented and long lasting. Gotta love Estee Lauder !

The pigmentation and creaminess is the same as Milani Liquifeye Eyeliner, except I’ve had trouble with Milani smudging on me ONLY WHEN TIGHT LINING, not with water-lining (weird, right?). I haven’t heard much about other people having a problem though so this is a much cheaper alternative ! You could also use a gel/cream eyeliner to tight-line; whatever works for you!

Hope this was informative :D

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  2. jazblogsbeauty said: Love this post! very well written! I haven’t found any eyeliners that don’t smudge or last on my water line yet! I will have to try this out! :)
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